The village Sotillo de Cabrera

The Village

Sotillo de Cabrera is a beautiful village located in “La Cabrera Baja”, where almost all the houses were built with slate and chestnut wood, the most used materials in “cabreiresa” architecture.  Sotillo is one of the best restored and preserved in “La Cabrera” and it was included in a list of the most beautiful villages in León province, as it can be seen in the following link:


The most remarkable building is the church “Los Remedios”, built in 1778, restored in 2003, with its coffered ceiling and the altar, made of slate.

There are two important festivities in Sotillo, “San Pelayo”, at the end of June; and “Los Remedios”, at the beginning of September. 


Most unique buildings of the town

Besides “Los Remedios” church, you must visit several unique buildings recently restored, as “El Molino”, “La Fragua” and “El Horno”. Other interesting places are “La Fuente de Suso”, “La Fontanica”, “El Mirador” and “El Refugio”.

Discover the best places in Sotillo de Cabrera

La Ermita de Los Remedios | Outside

El Molino | Outside

La Fuente de Suso

La Ermita de Los Remedios | Inside

El Molino | Inside

La Fontanica
El Refugio
El Horno
La Fragua
El Mirador

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Vídeo de: La 8 Bierzo
Vídeo de: Eva Arias
Vídeo de: Eva Arias
Vídeo de: Eva Arias

Sotillo de Cabrera

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