Routes around Sotillo

Sotillo is one of the few villages that have maintained the architecture of three hundred years ago, conserving faithfully the architectural elements and materials of the Cabrera, slate and chestnutWood.

In addition, several unique buildings of the village have been restored, including the mill and the furnace, this available to any citizen of Sotillo, including those lodged in “El Balcón de Sotillo”; In it, apart from making bread, you can prepare great roasts.

Las Médulas

Sotillo de Cabrera is located around 15 kilometers from the famous Roman gold mine “Las Médulas”. A huge volume of land was excavated for the extraction of gold, but the productivity of gold was really low. Despite being so unproductive, the Roman Empire decided to keep it for several centuries because it allowed it to coin money away from the capital in Rome, as proof of the power of the Roman Empire. The result is a magical landscape with a truly disconcerting geological result.

Roman Channels

The gold mining “Las Médulas” is a well-known place due to its spectacular nature; the channels, on the other hand, although they are less known, are no less impressive; the Romans, as good engineers they were, had to build them to take the water from “La Cabrera Alta” to “Las Médulas” in order to extract the gold from the mountains. They are visible from Sotillo de Cabrera and they are several hundred kilometers length; nowadays, they have become great hiking routes, which take you into the Cabrera.

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