What you can do in Sotillo de Cabrera

What you can do in Sotillo de Cabrera and its surroundings

1. Know the village Sotillo de Cabrera

Sotillo is one of the few villages that have maintained the architecture of three hundred years ago, conserving faithfully the architectural elements and materials of the Cabrera, slate and chestnutWood.

In addition, several unique buildings of the village have been restored, including the mill and the furnace, this available to any citizen of Sotillo, including those lodged in “El Balcón de Sotillo”; In it, apart from making bread, you can prepare great roasts.


2. Hiking in the surroundings of Sotillo

– Start of Route: Sotillo de Cabrera Center.
– Intermediate Stop: “El Mirador” (Lookout Point).
– End of Route: “El Refugio” (The Refuge).

Enjoy the surroundings of Sotillo de Cabrera making beautiful hiking routes

3. Tour to “Las Médulas”

Sotillo de Cabrera is located around 15 kilometers from the famous Roman gold mine “Las Médulas”.


4. Hiking through “La Cabrera” (Roman Channels)

“Canales Romanos” of “Las Médulas” were called later “Carriles Romanos”, because of they were used for carriages during many years after being using for transportation of water. They are consisted of 9 main channels and they are 600 metre length.

Nowadays, they are big hiking trails, that take you into the mountains. From these 600 Kms. only are signaled three routes, one is longer and the other two are smaller, but with big archeologic interest, placed in Llamas de Cabrera:

GR 292
• Length: 37 Kms. (50 Kms. with detours)
• Start point: Campo de la Braña
• Arrival point: Llamas de Cabrera
• Stages:
o Stage 1 (13 Kms.) Campo de la Braña – Pombriego, Medium difficulty
o Stage 2 (8.6 Kms.) Pombriego – Santalavilla, High difficulty
o Stage 3 (15.5 Kms.) Santalavilla – Llamas de Cabrera, High difficulty

PR-LE 61
• Length: 6,4 Kms.
• Start point: Llamas de Cabrera
• Arrival point: Ermita Virgen del Valle
• Medium Difficulty

PR-LE 62
• Length: 0,6 Kms.
• Start point: Llamas de Cabrera
• Arrival point: Pozo de Moyabarba
• Medium Difficulty

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5. Guided E-Bike Routes through Roman Channels

The company Electriczone, which provides electric bike rental service, also offers incredible guided routes through the ancient Roman Channels, to “Las Médulas”, a true journey into the past. 

You can find more information on the web:


Discounts are offered on the electrical bike rental prices for the clients of “El Balcón de Sotillo”.



6. Oenological Routes

The Project “Pago de los Abuelos” was born to remember that, long ago, these lands were very important for the history of oenology; specially noteworthy was the Roman period, on the slopes of “Las Medulas”, where there were, besides mining works, an extensive agriculture, of which the vine and chestnut works are still preserved.

At the head of this project is a winemaker from this land with international prestige, Nacho Álvarez Losada; In addition to being a winemaker, Nacho Álvarez Losada is a sommelier; so he knows the best combination of wines with gastronomy.

You can find more information on the web:


You will be able to enter the heart of a vineyard and enjoy a tasting like you have never done before. It can be accessed by 4x4, but there is also the option of visiting the vineyards on an electric bike route:



7. Horse Routes in the surroundings of “Las Médulas”

“Rancho el Camino Real” is a company that organize Horse Routes in the surroundings of “Las Médulas”, a different way of knowing this incredible natural monument.

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