Enjoy El Balcón de Sotillo

Description of the rural house

The house is locate in Sotillo de Cabrera, around 45 km from Ponferrada, in  “La Cabrera”, incredible mountanious region in León (Spain).
The nearest town with supermarket is “El Puente de Domingo Flórez”, around 15 Km from Sotillo.
Sotillo de Cabrera is located in a lush chestnut forest meandered by the river Cabrera, which makes it the best starting point for a pleasant day of hiking.
The house is more than 300 years old and has been restored, respecting, however, the local architecture with materials and processes faithful to the spirit of the region, based on chestnut wood and slate, so that the complex has been perfectly integrated into the town and its surroundings. On the first floor, after the living room, a large terrace was built, one of the most typical elements in the homes of all the villages of “La Cabrera”. From the terrace, there are stunning views of “Los Montes Aquilanos” and “La Cabrera Baja”; the name of the house: “El Balcón de Sotillo” is coming from this fact.

Tranquility and the blackboard move you
300 years in time

Capacity (7 places). 3 rooms, in 2 floors:

  • Suite (1 Double bed + 1 Individual bed). Private terrace. Bathroom.
  • Room 2 (1 Double bed). Shower.
  • Room 3 (1 Double bed). Shower..
  • Dining Room – Kitchen.
  • Living Room. Access to a main terrace (tipical terrace in the region of “La Cabrera”)..
  • Tea room.

About the owner

I am from Córdoba and I arrived in these lands in 2006. The black architecture, so in contrast to my homeland, I loved it.

Also in contrast to my land, Andalusia, I was very attracted to the character of the people of this land, reserved at first and unconditional and welcoming when they know you.

Strengths of the environment surrounding El Balcón de Sotillo

– Sotillo de Cabrera is one of the most representative villages today of “La Cabrera” architecture that Cabrera of yesteryear, mainly for the large number of restored houses and for the fidelity to the original architecture that have been followed in most of the restorations.

– The famous Roman gold mine “Las Médulas” is 15 kilometers away.

– Hiking routes that go into the region of “La Cabrera” through the Roman Channels that go to the Médulas, much less known than the Médulas themselves, but are no less impressive; The Romans did an incredible job of engineering and topography to take the water from “La Cabrera Alta” to “Las Médulas. They are found visible from Sotillo de Cabrera.

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